Trade like leading global players

Process your transactions via ARGO and experience global trade in its fastest, easiest and most secure form

Trade has never been so simple

ARGO's platform allows you to process transactions online in a matter of minutes without excessive paperwork or high administrative costs.

Accelerate your trades

Our platform offers you streamlined processes and access to various features and services – such as currency exchange and fully standardized legal frameworks.

Full transparency, minimized risk

ARGO removes the pains of late shipments, unexpected quality and non-payment. All without any additional costs.

Manage a global network of partners

ARGO offers an in-depth Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process to verify trustworthiness of new partners. Our team in China helps you to access one of the most important global trade markets.

ARGO Platform

Our platform enables you to process transactions in high speed and gives you access to a broad range of features and services

  • Select your trade partner and define terms together in real-time.
  • All required transaction documents are automatically generated for you.
  • Confirm compliance of invoices and shipping documents online.
  • Sellers receive full payment 2 days after document confirmation.
  • Access additional features, such as a fast & secure option for currency exchange
ARGO Platform

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